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At “Ninjutsu Training Online” you can find links, videos and information about Ninja Black Belt Martial Arts skills and equipment… Get the FREE Mobile Ninjutsu App… Find FREE Ninjutsu Training Online Videos, Supplies, Books, DVDs, Gear and more… Watch dozens of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Video Lessons Online… Learn about the ancient martial art of the Ninja… Download the Ninjutsu app or get instant downloads of the entire 8 hour blackbelt course… Enjoy easy mobile browsing on your iPhone, iPad, Droid, Smartphones and Tablets… Shop Online at the Ninjutsu Store for unforms, gi, tabi, training weapons, swords, katana, books, videos, conditioning gear and much more… 

Go to the Black Belt Course page, or go to the Watch Videos Now page to learn about:

Hanbo – The Short Staff, 3 foot staff, a “stick fighting” weapon
Katana – Sword. also Shinken Mutodori Gata – “Sword Evasion” techniques
Rokushaku Bo – The Long staff, 6 foot staff
Throwing Blades and Knives – “Tanto” and throwing weapons
Kusari Fundo – Chain with metal tips at both ends
Shuriken – Ninja Stars and Needles
Kyoketsu Shoge – Rope with a Ring
Hand Guns & Airsoft Training –  airsoft
Street Defense and Improvised Weapons: Pens, cups, keys, dirt, more…
Junan Taiso “Body Conditioning”
Kamae “Postures” – Basic stances
Ukemi “Breakfalls”
Kaiten “Rolls”
Dakentaijutsu “Striking Techniques” (fists, kicks, punches, blocks)
Tai Sabaki “Body Movement and Evasion”
Multiple Attackers and Zan Shin “Awareness”
Kihon Happo “The Eight Basic Ways”
San Shin  The Five  “3 Hearts/Cores Forms”
Hajutsu Kuho “Wrist/Body Escapes” and Pain Compliance Techniques
Nage Waza “Throwing Techniques”
Jime Waza “Choking Techniques”
Kuzushi “Off Balancing”
Kyusho “Weakness Points” Also called Pain Points
Taijutsu “Body Movement” Motion for Maximum Power

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